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The LWIBS 2018 Course Schedule

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How Do I Know What Class Is Right For Me?

Selecting your class is a simple matter of knowing what your goals are?

If This
Is Your Goal:

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You are interested in developing skills to be used in the workforce, while still maintaining Christian values; as well as people who are interested in ministry.




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You are called by God to serve Him more effectively; it is preparation for part-time and full-time ministry as well as in a lay capacity.




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  You are interested in serving in the Church, participating in leadership, spiritual edification, or want to be commissioned or ordained at Living Word. People outside of Living Word are welcomed to participate. Love offerings are encouraged 


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You Want: 

Degree Programs


College Certificate Programs


LWIBS Certificate Programs 

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  Living Word is a satellite campus of Logos University. It offers Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate programs in Theology, Biblical Studies, Leadership, Counseling and more.    Logos Certificate Program offers a wide range of courses such as leadership, outreach, counseling, and biblical studies. Students receive one (1) college credit for each course and must complete a total of six (6) to receive a college certificate.   Offered exclusively online, LWIBS offers Certificates in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.

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NOTE: Some classes qualify for more than one area of study.




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