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Important Disclosure: Leadership Change


Welcome to Immanuel’s Church (IC), a place where the Spirit of God dwells. These are exciting times at Immanuel’s Church! God is doing a new thing with and through his people. Immanuel’s Church has undergone and continues to undergo changes in administration that, we believe, will only help to uplift the name of our Lord and put renewed emphasis on the phrase “God With Us”.

Moving forward in a Godly way, Immanuel’s Church has elected to put forward this statement to correct and clarify any misinformation that may have been spread and to share factual information on the breakdown of senior leadership last fall.

In November of 2016 a disclosure was made to the Board of Trustees of actions by the founding pastor that were contrary to biblical leadership.  As a result, the Board of Trustees asked and received a signed resignation letter from the founding pastor immediately thereafter.   In order to ensure that the Board was acting on complete information and to ensure transparency and impartiality, the Church hired an outside, Christian consulting firm and a separate Christian attorney to conduct a comprehensive, independent review and assessment of the violations as well as to ensure legality of all actions, all within a Christian framework with emphasis on forgiveness and reconciliation.  The assessment was completed in May 2017.

After the completion of the assessment and legal review, the Church, acting in the Christian tradition, extended an opportunity to the founding pastor and his wife to undergo personal examination, confession, and to make restitution so that their fellowship could be restored.  However, they expressly chose not to walk the path of reconciliation and restoration as outlined by the Church.  The Church was then left with no choice other than to rescind the membership of the founding pastor and his wife.  Consequently, both of them are no longer affiliated with IC. 
We are saddened that we had to implement the course of action delineated below and pray continuously for the founding pastor and his entire family. 
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