New Identity
Practice Achieves Lasting Change

God's View:
Eph. 5:15-16
; Col. 3:23-24 ; l Tim. 4:7-11 ; Heb. 5:14 ; 13:20-21; 2 Cor. 10:5 ; Matt. 22:37-39 - To continue the process of biblical change you must faithfully practice your daily responsibilities. As you continue to be a doer of the word, your senses will be trained to discern good and evil. Your spiritual growth is a sovereign work of God, and is divinely limited to your living in a biblical manner. Discipline your thought life, speak in a manner that is helpful to others and faithfully love others in a biblical manner.

John 15:10-11 ; 14:15 , 21-24
; Heb. 11:6 -Your contentment in all circumstances is dependent on your obedient response to God in your deeds (thoughts, words and actions). By obeying the Lord in your daily walk, you show your love for the Lord Jesus Christ and demonstrate His Lordship in your life. God delights in your obedience of faith.

Rom. 5:3-5 ; 8:28 ; l Cor. 10:13 ; 2 Cor. 12:9-10 -Even though you may physical deformities or chronic afflictions, God's plan is to use them for your good and His glory.

Matt. 23:12 ; Lu. 9:23 ; Rom. 14:7-8 ; Phil. 3:12-14 ; l John 1:9 -You can quickly overcome self-belittlement, self-exaltation, or self-pity. This is possible when you realize that a preoccupation with self is sin. You are to confess this unbiblical focus and begin immediately to live in accordance with His word.

l Cor. 3:3 ; Rom. 6:6 , 12-13 ; 12:21 ; Col. 3:2-17 ; Phil. 4:11-13 ; James 3:14-16 -You have been freed from the power of all sins including those of envy, jealousy, covetousness, and greed which have a pronounced self-focus. You can be content in any circumstance and can have the attitude of Christ developed within you.

Lu. 9:23-24
; John 3:30 ; 12:24-26; Matt. 20:26-28 ; John 13:14-15 -You must take the focus off yourself in daily situations and relationships by following God's commandments. You are to regard others as more important than yourself and be a servant to God and others.

l Cor. 6:19-20 ; l Pet. 1:17-19 ; Col. 3:23-24 -You have been bought with the precious sacrifice of Jesus Christ and are not your own. You are God's possession and a steward (managing servant) of all that God has provided for you as a servant of the Lord. You should not seek to be served or receive credit from men but instead should seek only to please God.

Matt. 7:5 ; 1 Cor. 11:26-32 ; Gal. 5:10 -Judge yourself in a biblical manner, and do not compare yourself with others to determine whose approval you ultimately seek.

Memory/Meditation/Prayer :
James 3:16-17 .
Devotions :
BSAF on Rom. 12:9 ; Matt. 5:16 ; Gal. 5:22-23 ; Eph. 5:1 , 2 .
Put-off and put-on:
Develop a list of failures to love God's way using 1 Cor. 13:4-8 as guide to change attitudes. Using Romans 12:9-21 as a guide to address specific actions that are needed, develop a list of ways to bless others in your life. Beginning with the very person(s) against who you had previously sinned, do, at least, one item on your list on a daily basis, and record what you did to bless others.

Forms and Worksheets
BSAF: Bible Study & Application Form
Think and Do
Love Is
VOSWS: Victory Over Sin Worksheet
Dying to Self
Problem Solving
PSW: Problem/Solution Worksheet
Freedom from Anxiety
Contingency Plan
Change Is a Two-Factored Process

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